• FurbyBanx 2 anni ago

    Be more…be more brave, be more skilled, be more tougher and be more deadly. This the way of being Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 player. Many new features and beautiful graphics are one of the advantages of this game. I hope, thath soon we will see new gameplay movies.

    • Samit 2 anni ago

      By now you can already find some gameplays on YT and I am getting hard just watching them. The gameplays are also alpha version so you Sir can bet that the final product will be absolutely great!

  • herosmagica 2 anni ago

    OMG it looks do fine! This game will be amazing! I wish it was 2017 already, I’m not sure if I could make it ‘til Januray. I think it’s gonna be one of the best FPS ever

  • Cesar 2 anni ago

    Nice trailer, I Watched earlier some random gameplay and I was impressed. I remember 2nd and first part of this game, and now it’s huge step, hope soon we can see more about this game because I really want to see more.

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