Pets Out Today

Hey everyone, we’re excited to finally unleash PlayStation Vita Pets in stores and on PlayStation Store today. Check out our fetching launch trailer and the top five reasons why you should get your paws on the game. It’s sure to scratch an itch.

1 – The dogs!

Your new best pals are totally unique and unlike any other furry creature you’ve seen in other games. Each pup has a real personality (including likes and dislikes) that they express through their actions and their voice. We’ve gone to painstaking efforts to ensure that every line in the game is fully voiced… all 10,000+ of them!

They’ll also remember your face and voice — once you pick your dog it’ll take a good look at you and will want to make sure it’s you who’s come back to play each time you return. There’s lots of time to bond with your pup!

2 – Adventures

Once you pick your dog, your adventure begins on an island filled with caves, mazes, castles and treasure. Your task is to uncover secret clues to solve the mystery of an ancient legend of a king and his dog. You’ll have a blast sniffing out clues and romping around this fun filled game.

3 – Pet Play

The dogs are hungry for adventure but they’re also just hungry. You’ll have just as much fun looking after your dog, feeding it, petting it, bathing it, and playing games. Return each day to meet their daily needs, earn buddy points, and go for a walk in the forest to dig up some treasure to buy new toys and games. Our dogs also have the added bonus of being able to tell you when they need to relieve themselves so there shouldn’t be any accidents to clean up!

4 – Real world play

We are using the latest markerless AR technology in the game to allow you to take your dog into the real world. Just point your PS Vita and the dog will leap through its doggy door right into your home. Want to play ball in the back yard, run some obstacle courses, or dig up treasure from your own floorboards? Well, you can now!

5 – Dress up

We’ve created hundreds of items of clothing for you to dress up your dog, including full outfits, hats, jackets, collars, props, and more. Want to turn your Labrador into a mighty steed with a knight on his back? Want to turn your bold Collie into a flying ace? Well, you can here! You’ll be able to unlock new outfits as you progress in the game, and if you don’t want them you can always gift them to your PSN friends because what’s nicer than receiving a banana suit for your dog in the mail?

Don’t forget about the smart device companion app, PS Vita Pets: Puppy Parlor, where you can earn even more exclusive costumes for your dog.

We’ve hardly scratched the surface with those five points. There’s so much more in the game that we’ll delve deeper into in the coming weeks; things like all the side quests, collectables, gameplay variety, and even cooler Vita features.

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